Burning The Midnight Oil At Both Ends, And Other Mixed Metaphors

I’m sitting here at work at ~9pm EDT waiting for several servers to finish their upgrade processes and realized that I had quelle shock! horreur! forgotten to post, so busy was I all the livelong day. Consider this my penance: Fred! Thompson’s site is live and living large — it reportedly brought in over $200,000 in Internet contributions in the first 18 hours of its existence. And you know what would go great with a donation? That’s right! An Admiral Painter ’08 t-shirt.
And while you’re at it, go defend U2 from that faithless heathen nobrainer. “Greasy”, my left foot!


Work has been in-to-the-sane as of late (read: stuff physically blew up. Wonderful stuff, capacitance…) and I just haven’t had the energy to work up some proper posts.
In the meantime, here’s video footage of a full-grown man whipping the snot out of other full-grown men with a toy lightsaber:

“Mendel Doug” is apparently a bit of a legend on Villanova’s campus. There can be only one…
The best of Statler and Waldorf:

Nice Inbox You’ve Got There — Shame If Something Were To Happen To It…

An enterprising Slashdotter, spurred by a pair of articles, asks Are Sysadmins Really that Bad? The short answer is: yes, yes we are.
The long answer is: be nice to us, include us on the planning stages of your projects, tell us when we’ve done either good or bad things, always remember Sysadmin Appreciation Day — basically, treat us like regular human beings.
And never, never ask “What do you even do all day?” with that tone. You know the one. Just don’t, mmmkay?

As If I Needed Any Further Reasons To Avoid Jersey Whenever Possible

Were it not for the fact that I work in New Jersey and have many friends there, I would stay as far away as possible, particularly in light of the recent revelations that

  1. NJ State Police are a bunch of whiny, self-satisfied punks with their tails in a twist over criticism they’ve taken after crashing Gov. Corzine into a Jersey barrier at 91 mph and are not above resorting to extortion and harassment of their critics in order to make themselves feel better
  2. NJ beaches are full of unexploded ordnance
  3. NJ played host to the home-grown Terrorist Cell That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, given the fact that they went to a commercial video dubbing establishment to convert their jihadi terror videos into DVDs

I would advise that those that can avoid Jersey do.

Sequestered No More!

Just got out of a marathon sysadminning session where my team lead and I did quite a bit of architecting, planning, troubleshooting and strategerizing.
All I have to say is that Apple rocks for their dscl and dsconfigldap command line tools and “bind_policy = soft” is your friend for Linux hosts using LDAP.

I Post, Therefore I Am

One of my coworker’s wives had their baby on Sunday morning, so we’re down a teammate for the next two weeks, thus my reduced posting output. I’m hoping to get a routine down soon, but blogging will most likely suffer.
Plus, I’m all outta good ideas.

This Kool Aid Tastes GREAT!

So it’s official: I’ve joined the iPod Generation. We had a choice for our Christmas bonus at work this year between a Slingbox Pro, a digital picture frame, a portable DVD player and a 30 GB iPod. I went with the iPod, thus making my transition to the Mac Dark Side almost complete.
Now I’ve got to accessorize – an FM tuner/car charger is next up. Any recommendations anyone?

Finally, It’s Finished

The audit is closed out, my stint as senior admin on-site and the last “all hands” meeting of the year are all in the past now which means that I may finally be able to take some serious time out to work on shipping a beta version of my theme, reorganizing the rest of my site (gallery, test blogs, etc.) and purging the linkrolls on my site.
It’s so nice to be done.

Everybuddy’s Verkink Fore Ze Veekend

It’s official: I’m about to lose my mind.
I’ve crested the “slap-happy” plateau and entered into a near-Zen-like phase, induced by working way too much these last few weeks.
I was called in on an emergency basis this past Saturday night and ended up working long into the night tracking down an issue with our authentication services, an issue that cropped up again on Tuesday, prompting me to stay in the office till about 10pm.
This weekend is our quarterly maintenance window and, while my team and I normally split the workload fairly effectively, we’ve been down a man for most of it. Our team lead had his second child on Wednesday and then had a death in the family, meaning that he’s functionally out of reach, leaving me in charge. Thus, I worked ’til almost 1am this morning and am headed for a late night tonight as well, plus some more hours tomorrow afternoon and, potentially, evening.
It’s weird being the “senior” guy – I’ve almost always had a team lead to turn to at times like this. Now, it’s people coming to me looking for advice, consent and sign-off on all manner of things. Freaky.
Hopefully nothing burns down. At least I’m getting mad overtime hours…