This Kool Aid Tastes GREAT!

So it’s official: I’ve joined the iPod Generation. We had a choice for our Christmas bonus at work this year between a Slingbox Pro, a digital picture frame, a portable DVD player and a 30 GB iPod. I went with the iPod, thus making my transition to the Mac Dark Side almost complete.
Now I’ve got to accessorize – an FM tuner/car charger is next up. Any recommendations anyone?

4 Replies to “This Kool Aid Tastes GREAT!”

  1. I have a 30 as well and recommend the dual charger for wall and car as well as the FM transmitter. If you want some spiffy programs for the iPod such as album art finder and MP3 labeler let me know.

  2. I recommend trading in your car. We recently bought a Scion xB with two options: floor mats and the upgraded stereo with iPod jack built in right behind the shifter. The trouble is: we don’t have an iPod. Last year we tried an FM transmitter just so we could play CD’s from our portable CD player over the car stereo. I took the transmitter back. I’m sure they are not all created equally, but you would think even the cheapest one could manage to send good signals a mere thirty-six inches. You would be wrong about that.

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