Danish Cartoon Scandals – “Information Warfare”

Austin Bay dropped the folowing comment in an entry pertaining to the Danish Cartoon Controversy:

The Danish “Cartoon War” is an information warfare operation by conducted Islamist terror groups and at least two Middle Eastern dictatorships (Syria and Iran).

Read his StrategyPage column for further observations and be sure to check out the evidence that Michelle Malkin has collected pointing to this whole affair being an organized conspiracy:

The imams reportedly spread lies that the Jyllands-Posten had 120 cartoons, not 12, and that the paper was owned by the government. (There are no state-run newspapers in Denmark.) In addition, the imams reportedly claimed that the Danish government would censor the Koran, burn the Koran, and that Danes were planning to make a blasphemous movie about Mohammed.

Read the whole thing. And, once again, the Philadelphia Inquirer comes through bigtime, with Trudy Rubin penning a piece on the lies the Danish imams were spreading, thus providing some mainstream media attention on the conspiracy.

Making A Serious Point Through Satire (Wait, Isn’t That The Definition?)

Frank J. over at IMAO makes a very trenchant observation about the current “Mohammed Cartoon” Saudi/Syria/Iran-organized riots kerfuffle by way of biting satire today: Christians Would Be Mocked Less by the Media If They Stopped Listening to Jesus. To wit:

Christians don’t even have a word for “fatwa”! Know why? Jesus.
Jesus is all peace and love, and, whatever the merits of that message, that won’t frighten the media away from making fun of you. As we’ve seen, believable threats of violence and death tend to make people more sensitive about your feelings. Too many Christians, though, won’t murder an infidel or a blasphemer because it’s not “what Jesus would have wanted.” Well, as long you’re hiding behind that excuse, who is going to be afraid of us?
Remember back when Christians stopped listening to Jesus and murdered whomever they didn’t like? How many people mocked Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition? Not very many people at all.
Frankly, I have little room to complain, as I’ve been listening a bit too much to Jesus too. Last time my Christian sensibilities were offended, know how many embassies I burned?
One or less.

Go ye and read the whole thing.