Making A Serious Point Through Satire (Wait, Isn’t That The Definition?)

Frank J. over at IMAO makes a very trenchant observation about the current “Mohammed Cartoon” Saudi/Syria/Iran-organized riots kerfuffle by way of biting satire today: Christians Would Be Mocked Less by the Media If They Stopped Listening to Jesus. To wit:

Christians don’t even have a word for “fatwa”! Know why? Jesus.
Jesus is all peace and love, and, whatever the merits of that message, that won’t frighten the media away from making fun of you. As we’ve seen, believable threats of violence and death tend to make people more sensitive about your feelings. Too many Christians, though, won’t murder an infidel or a blasphemer because it’s not “what Jesus would have wanted.” Well, as long you’re hiding behind that excuse, who is going to be afraid of us?
Remember back when Christians stopped listening to Jesus and murdered whomever they didn’t like? How many people mocked Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition? Not very many people at all.
Frankly, I have little room to complain, as I’ve been listening a bit too much to Jesus too. Last time my Christian sensibilities were offended, know how many embassies I burned?
One or less.

Go ye and read the whole thing.

2 Replies to “Making A Serious Point Through Satire (Wait, Isn’t That The Definition?)”

  1. The really amazing thing to me is how interest in Islam has exploded in the US since 9-11. Some school districts have allowed and even demanded that courses in Islam be taught.
    It was reported that Osama Bin Lauden (sp) rejoiced that since the attack there has been a growth of Islam in America. Apparently a justification for the attacks themselves.
    This mentality has led to the liberal media to back off of anything resembling a critique of Islam, ie. not many dared to print the Danish cartoons in their publications. Even Clinton decried the cartoons while in Pakistan calling for the prosecution of the publishers. Meanwhile Christian bashing is popular with the very same media. Go figure!

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