Supah Happy Fun Tiemuh!

Can there be anything that exceeds the brilliance of a gameshow based upon human tetris? I think not!

Why don’t we import gameshows like this or MXC instead of crappy “Who Wants To Outsmart A 40 Year Old Millionaire Weakest Link”?
Peter Griffin was unavailable for comment on this story:


A Show We OUGHT To Be Watching – “Nobody’s Watching”

Here’s a novel concept – the brains behind “Scrubs” and “Family Guy” produced a trailer for a TV show called Nobody’s Watching. If they’re telling the truth, they can’t get the major networks to pay any attention to the pilot, so they’ve posted it online and are asking people to contact the requisite network officials to get the series made.
Definitely a little rough around the edges, but it’s worth a look. Check it out.