Swede Wars

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer
Fans from around the world are joining forces to recreate the classic, Star Wars: A New Hope.
The entire movie is split up into 15 second scenes. Claim a scene, film it, and upload it! When it’s all done, it’ll be stitched together so we can watch the magic happen.”

Great, There Goes Another Bit Of My Childhood

I was alerted to a rather startling turn of events in re: the release of the “original” Star Wars trilogy on DVD by the lads of Penny Arcade and felt it worth passing on. To wit:

I listened to Gabriel with increasing disbelief. I’d heard, as I think everyone did, that the original – by which I mean the original original – Star Wars trilogy was coming to DVD. What I had not heard, and what Gabriel intimated to me with his eyes wide was that these would not be from the scrubbed, manicured footage they used to make the re-imaginings, they would, in fact, be anamorphic rips from old laserdiscs. What’s more, they can’t even be purchased separately. They can only be purchased with the newer versions, together, for ninety dollars! Ha!
Clearly, the original trilogy can’t be put in a position where it can outsell the new one – that’s just not going to happen, so those two things must be in a statistically coherent package. But as to why the original movies can’t even be seen in their original format, it’s actually been claimed that George Lucas (in a manner of speaking) “taped over” the classic trilogy.

[emphasis mine]
Grrrrr. That DVD release was Lucas’ last, best chance to win me back as a fan of Star Wars and POOF!, he blew it bigtime. At least it resulted in a funny PA comic so it’s not, you know, a total loss.