I Now Officially Have One More Item To Distract Me From Safe Driving

RoadTripAfter soliciting your advice, poring over oodles of online reviews, product descriptions, etc. I decided to acquire the Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter and Auto Charger (well, technically, it’s a birthday present from my lovely wife. Thanks hon!). It arrived yesterday and thus I’ve had a small amount of time to get acquainted with it.
Amazon had it for a relative steal at ~$54 (most stores seem to want $80-90 for it) and the reviews were largely positive. My total impressions will have to wait, as I’ve only used it in the car on my commute this morning, but one very nice feature of the device is the fact that the FM transmitter module is completely detachable. The kit comes with a combined USB/stereo cable that allows you to hook the transmitter up to any computer with an audio-out jack and a USB slot (placed reasonably close together, of course) to broadcast the sound from the computer to any nearby radios. I tested this out for a bit using my MacBook Pro and our home theater last night and the audio was impressively clear – I detected very little artifacting or signal loss.
Now I can finally quit endangering myself and others by listening to TWiT on my headphones. *grin*