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Posting has been sparse — I’ve been busy, busy, busy at Ye Olde Shoppe Of Employment[e] and engaging in family-related matters and thus have had precious little time for blog-related silliness. I haven’t been so busy as to miss out…

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I finally executed a jailbreak on my iPod Touch using the excellent iJailBreak software. It was literally a question of downloading the software, connecting my Touch, double-clicking the .app and then clicking “Jailbreak”. 5 minutes later, I had a fully-functional…

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iToo iFunny

By way of TUAW today, we have They iScrewed Me Again, a (very well done) MadTV rant against Apple’s upgrade churn on the iPod product line. Video below, mild language warning (if you’re offended by Olde English terms for children…

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