Pre-K Jargon File

About a year ago, my wife and I were in the midst of watching the classic Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie-helmed Jeeves and Wooster and we were allowing our kids to watch it along with us. We had been watching episodes each evening and the kids were keeping up well, though one night my at-the-time 2-year-old daughter fell ill. We put her to bed and watched our normal episode or two with our eldest.
The next morning, our daughter arose and demanded she be shown “Jesus Monster”. We scratched our heads in puzzlement until we realized that she was, in fact, asking to see the episode she had missed out on the previous night. In the spirit of the ever-valuable, ever-geeky Jargon File, I decided to catalog the various amusing and/or endearing malapropisms that my children have churned out over the years.
What follows is by no means comprehensive, but merely a sampling of the ones I have been able to jot down, catalog or otherwise remember.
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Real Life Update

Just a quick update on the State of the State, as it were.
Will’s gash is healing quite nicely and he’s due to have the stitches out tomorrow morning, while Kate’s cough has largely subsided. The doc prescribed steroids for her (due to her earlier bout with RSV), thus her encounter with croup seems to have been mercifully short.
We’re due to head to TX this Saturday, so hopefully everyone will be on their best health footing, although I do feel a nasty cold coming on, myself.
Beggars can’t be choosers, and all that. At least the kids are okay.

Pray For My Little Girl Again

We’ve been through this before, but I’m asking again: pray for my little girl. She woke up ~2:30am this morning with a fierce, barking cough. She was actually coughing so loudly and persistently that she caused Will to have nightmares about dogs chasing him which subsequently caused him to awaken and spend a good portion of the early morning quivering and quaking.
So, off to the pediatricians it was for my wife this afternoon.
Turns out Kate’s got croup, a malady I was sure had been consigned to the dustbin of history along with scarlet fever, goiters and TB. So pray for her hasty recovery, if you please.


Kathryn Moira.
There’s more to the story that will have to wait for another day. Momma and baby are fine, papa and brother are sleep-deprived, but all are in good spirits.