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G3Rst: “I Want Stacy’s Mom”

Fountains of Wayne vs. Lena Horne vs. The Wiseguys vs. Grease vs. Karen Young. This has no right being as good as it is. https://soundcloud.com/g3rst/g3rst-i-want-stacys-mom

Sweet Mother Of Georgia Brown!

Okay, this is bleedin’ insane. Have you seen the indescribably awesome ThruYOU remix project put together by Israeli DJ Kutiman? Basically, the dude took individual musical performances from YouTube and spliced them together in true mashup fashion, though he took…

Friday Video Dump

A hearty round of applause to the Internet[s], for all the free entertainment we derive therefrom. First up is an amazing Honda commercial from the UK, followed by a rather silly spoof of said commercial, executed in true Monty Python-/Benny…