Remember: When It Comes To Scotch Whisky, It’s All About The “e”

The Art of Manliness has an excellent primer on the subject of Scotch Whiskey. A good, quick read if you’re at all taken with the notion of taking up Scotch. And remember: It’s Scotch whisky, the only drink strong enough to change the New York Times’ style guide. Now I’ve just got to find the right occasion to polish off that bottle of Glenfiddich 15yo. Solera Reserve Brad gave me…
[Via Matt Mullenweg]

Internet Future-/Navel-Gazing

A quick thought (and corresponding question) occurred to me: Bill Clinton was the first President to face opponents on the Internet, George W. Bush the first to face organized opposition, and Barack Obama the first to capably utilize that opposition to get elected. What “first” will the next President likely face?