This Week On “The Pain Channel”

Saturday Night Live puts in for the “Monty Python Lampooning Astin Kutcher’s ‘Punked!’ Award of the Year” with “People Getting Punched Right Before Eating”:

No trout were harmed in the filming of this digital short, at least I don’t think any were…

Videos Out The Yin-Yang

My in-laws have been in town for about the past week, so I’ve been a bit limited in terms of how much time I can get on the ol’ Lappy 486, and for this, I apologize. What follows is a compendium of the weird, wild and entertaining free videos I’ve stumbled across these last few days.
First off is “Kiwi!”, a short animated film with a twist of an ending so shocking as to compare favorably with Fight Club, The Sixth Sense and Transformers: The Movie (I mean, who knew they’d kill Optimus Prime, for cryin’ out loud!), only more Warner Brothers-esque:

It’s beautiful, heart-wrenching and sublime, if I do say so myself.
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