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My in-laws have been in town for about the past week, so I’ve been a bit limited in terms of how much time I can get on the ol’ Lappy 486, and for this, I apologize. What follows is a compendium of the weird, wild and entertaining free videos I’ve stumbled across these last few days.
First off is “Kiwi!”, a short animated film with a twist of an ending so shocking as to compare favorably with Fight Club, The Sixth Sense and Transformers: The Movie (I mean, who knew they’d kill Optimus Prime, for cryin’ out loud!), only more Warner Brothers-esque:

It’s beautiful, heart-wrenching and sublime, if I do say so myself.

Have you ever wanted to see Nigerian 419 scammers duped into performing Monty Python’s famous “Dead Parrot Sketch”? Then do I have the video for you!

Speaking of Monty Python, how about a remix of the Black Knight scene featuring the voice of James Earl Jones as one Anakin “Darth” Vader?

It’s good to know that our troops (and the Iraqis whose vehicles they inspect) maintain a sense of humor:

(Source: Wizbang, Context here, for you non-Will Ferrell/SNL fans.)
Here’s a blast from the past (read: I can’t remember if I posted it prior):

I disagree with the politics and the advertised domain is of an NSFW (Language) variety, but I’ll be darned if this rip of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley isn’t a trip:

Et voila! you have now wastedinvested 20 minutes of your life.

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  1. These videos made up for it! Very funny!

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