5 (+1) Bass Lines From 5 (+1) Bands

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There are certain bass lines that permeate my skull and just stick with me to such an extent that I am liable to subconsciously hum them to myself for days on end, even when un-prompted by hearing the songs themselves. (If I hear the songs, forget it — they’re in there for a week.) So, here’s to chucking these particularly bass-y earworms into your skulls as well:

Keyboard-Beverage Proximity Warning

Svedes again, ja!
I would advise you not to be drinking anything, cold or hot, when viewing Swedish Bands of the Seventies, as the damage done to your computer’s keyboard will not be minor.
You have been warned. Bork bork bork!
Apparently, a good hearty digging took up all the poor fella’s bandwidth for the month, so you may have to hit this page to see all the pics in their hideous lounge-suitedness…

Opportunities Missed

Well color me “bummed”. Due to Real Life, Parenthood and Generally Not Being A Numbskulled College Kid Anymore, I have managed to miss out on two fantastic concert sets: Reel Big Fish played the Electric Factory in Philly and the Croc Rock in Allentown a couple of weekends ago and The Police played two shows at The Ballpark down in South Philly. Add U2 to that set list and you would have my perfect concert trifecta. Oh, wait, I already missed a U2 show to be a good friend to AndyOne (unlike those punks Little Doug and Aron…), so my Trifecta of Missed Shows is indeed complete. (Okay, so AndyOne and I did get to see RBF once at the EF during college — great show with Save Ferris and MxPx, btw. — so it’s more like 2.5, I guess.)
Alas and alack, ’tweren’t to be.
Oh well, at least I have RBF’s new album (Monkeys For Nothin’ and the Chimps For Free) to console my non-concert-going-behind.

Burning The Midnight Oil At Both Ends, And Other Mixed Metaphors

I’m sitting here at work at ~9pm EDT waiting for several servers to finish their upgrade processes and realized that I had quelle shock! horreur! forgotten to post, so busy was I all the livelong day. Consider this my penance: Fred! Thompson’s site is live and living large — it reportedly brought in over $200,000 in Internet contributions in the first 18 hours of its existence. And you know what would go great with a donation? That’s right! An Admiral Painter ’08 t-shirt.
And while you’re at it, go defend U2 from that faithless heathen nobrainer. “Greasy”, my left foot!

David Elsewhere: Yowsers.

He’s no mere human, he’s a rubber-boned dancing robot sent from the future to save us all with his crazy moves. Dig it:

As I said: yowsers.