Extreme bullet time. I bet the Mythbusters want to get their hands on this rig…

Mythbusters Mouthpalm. Oh My.

UPDATE: And like that, *POOF*, the video’s gone. Pulled from YouTube. D’oh!
UPDATE 2: Thanks go out to Andy II for the working YouTube link.
Watch for Adam’s reaction to the following excellent experiment. That was me for, oh, I don’t know, a good two minutes or so after watching this clip:

Mythbusters is the best show in the history of ever. Seriously.

CPU Vs. GPU, Mythbusters-Style

By way of Extra Life, we have this awesome (albeit scientifically suspect) demonstration of traditional in-order execution on CPUs vs. the multi-core/GPU massively-parallel execution that is the New Hotness:

Awesome, just awesome.