There’s Truth In Them Thar Parenting Cliches!

Will, 2 days old.One of the most commonly repeated phrases that parents-to-be hear, and I’m speaking from experience here, is “Enjoy it while you can. They grow up so fast!” Experienced parents repeat this phrase over and over in a nigh-ritualistic fashion, exhorting future parents to cherish each moment, lest precious time be lost forever. First-time parents will, in most cases, ignore this advice to an extent and blissfully enjoy the first days and weeks after the birth of their child, wondering at the child’s small fingers, wispy hair, indellible cuteness and overall wonder at the world. And then, the child grows up fast.
Will at 4 months.Will turned 5 months old today. He’s weighing in around 23.5 lbs. and measuring, near as we can measure it, at around 28″ tall. He cut his second tooth earlier this week, has mastered his Johnny Jump-Up (keeps him entertained for hours), coos and babbles, and has learned to fear the doctors’ office, among other things. Plus, he’s beginning to commence to start to skootch, which anyone knows is a distinct precursor to crawling. My little boy is growing up right in front of my face and it’s stunning to watch.
So all you soon-to-be’s out there, let me add my voice to the chorus: Enjoy it while you can, they grow up so fast!