Monkey Man!

Reel Big Fish’s cover of Toots and the Maytals’ “Monkey Man” has become the Stewart household’s unofficial theme song. It is now impossible to put it on without my children beginning to dance, spin and generally cavort. Will occasionally even spontaneously bursts out in choruses of “Ai-Ai-Ai! Ai-Ai-Ai! / Talkin’ ’bout de big Monkey Man!”.
I’m working on teaching them to do the Midget Punch, Modified Running Man and generalized skankin’, though it may take awhile before they catch on. They mainly like spinning in place and jumping up and down — an appropriate response, given the song, I suppose.

Opportunities Missed

Well color me “bummed”. Due to Real Life, Parenthood and Generally Not Being A Numbskulled College Kid Anymore, I have managed to miss out on two fantastic concert sets: Reel Big Fish played the Electric Factory in Philly and the Croc Rock in Allentown a couple of weekends ago and The Police played two shows at The Ballpark down in South Philly. Add U2 to that set list and you would have my perfect concert trifecta. Oh, wait, I already missed a U2 show to be a good friend to AndyOne (unlike those punks Little Doug and Aron…), so my Trifecta of Missed Shows is indeed complete. (Okay, so AndyOne and I did get to see RBF once at the EF during college — great show with Save Ferris and MxPx, btw. — so it’s more like 2.5, I guess.)
Alas and alack, ’tweren’t to be.
Oh well, at least I have RBF’s new album (Monkeys For Nothin’ and the Chimps For Free) to console my non-concert-going-behind.