Raincheck-Cashin’ Time

Time for another mega-sized link dump courtesy of Y.T.
Important things first: Capcom is producing a sequel to Bionic Commando for the next-gen consoles. Awesome. I loved the original NES title, even though its callous lack of save codes or battery backup made it impossible to finish under my parents’ old “only 1 hour per day” limitation on all things Nintendo… (Official site is here, if you’re interested.)
Mac OS Leopard has a ship date, finally: 10/26. Why not glance at the list of 300+ new features Apple has helpfully compiled to help you pass the time?
You may have seen the spectacular explosion of a life-sized X-Wing fighter, but are you sure you’ve gotten the whole story? Here’s the video The Empire doesn’t want you to see:

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Team Fortress 2, Wahoo!

We’ve spoken before as to the wonders of the forthcoming Team Fortress 2 (part of Valve’s “Orange Box” add-on to Half-Life 2). I submit the Engineer’s intro movie as further proof of the wonderfulness that is on its way:


The Wonders Of The Source Engine

Two quick hits here, while I have a moment.
Valve Software is looking to release Half-Life 2 Episode 2 sometime this fall. Reportedly they will be including two side-games in the Ep. 2 release. One will warm the hearts of all olde-timey Quake players:

(Direct link here.)
That’s right – Team Fortress 2, baby! And not 5 years a moment too late!
Next up, Portal. The intro video does a much better job of explaining it than I could ever attempt. Just watch.

(Direct link here.)
Holy crow. The possibilities inherent in that portal gun are just nuts.
I think I need to get a decent Windows PC up and running in preparation for such manifold awesomeness…