Now This Is Just Plain Cool, In A Political Geek Sort Of Fashion

Most of the U.S.’s founding documents have been available online for quite a while, allowing ‘Net users to quote liberally from the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, etc. However, in most cases, if one wants to link to a subsection of a particular document, one is limited to linking to, say, the Articles in the Constitution and, in rare cases, the Sections at best. Well, weep no more, deep-linkers/thinkers, as Randy Barnett has pointed out a very cool resource, primarily dedicated to the Federalist Papers but also containing the Declaration, Articles of Confederation and the Constitution: Each of the documents is broken down into anchored links per-paragraph, meaning that aspiring politicos can link directly to the portion of a document they are referring to. I’ll let Edward O’Connor, the site’s creator, explain it:

Libertarian law bloggers are often originalists, and The Federalist Papers are a wonderful resource for people interested in the original meaning of the Constitution. So, just as you might expect, such bloggers are prone to quoting chunks from them. (For example, here’s a case of Randy Barnett quoting from № 78 over at The Volokh Conspiracy. Readers of Professor Barnett’s post can’t click through to the specific part of Federalist 78 he quotes, and so are deprived of easily learning the wider context of the quote.)

Wicked awesome.