Stimulus -> Response

After being rescued from the clutches of vicious jihadists by valiant members of the US military, do you:

  1. Whine and cry.
  2. Blame the Coalition and, in particular, America for creating the situation in Iraq that lead to your kidnapping.
  3. Thank your lucky stars that you were rescued and vow never to venture outside of your house again.
  4. Hire bounty hunters with your own money to hunt down and kill the fiends responsible for your imprisonment.
  5. Call your former captors “a**holes”

Of course, if you were to take either #4 or #5 into consideration, some might be offended by your blatant use of such foul language to describe the subhuman monsters that kept you chained up in a cage day after day.

It’s your life, though, so, you know, the choice is up to you.

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