Democracy, Whisky, (Emphasis On) Sexy!

Or: The Shape of Days takes a whack at the Islamofascist hornets’ nest
Jeff Harrell slightly altered his site’s design today, removing his childhood mugshot and replacing it with a shot of Jessica Simpson from this month’s GQ. He goes into quite a bit of detail as to how he accomplished this feat, in the process uttering what I now consider to be my favorite statement, ever, concerning the vagaries of designing content for the WenWeb [idiotic spelling mistake. -ed.]:

Web design is like trying to paint with a typewriter.

Apparently, though, Jeff gets his share of hate mail, as his postscript seems to indicate:

(Incidentally, if you think that I chose this picture without thinking about the fact that it’s the perfect one to drive Muslim fundamentalists all over the world insane with spitting, frothing rage, you haven’t been paying attention. I’m fully prepared for the number of death threats I receive to spike dramatically this afternoon.)

Don’t let ’em get you down, Jeff. Keep on painting.

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  1. This great country also has this thing called “copyright law” and Mr Harrell’s artwork is an infringement of GQ’s rights.

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