Eartha Kitt: Hollywood anti-Idiotarian

As per my weekday routine, I had my radio tuned to the “Curtis and Kuby Show” this morning (Ron Kuby’s on vacation; Mark Simone is filling in more-than-adequately).
In the 9:30 timeframe, Eartha Kitt(!) decided to give the NYC morning show a call. After a bit of sweet-talking Curtis, she said that she fully supports “our boys, my country and my president.” She ripped in to the Hollywood loons for being unpatriotic and in general came off as a well-spoken, well-read person. Then, to prove it was really her, she gave a trademark Catwoman purr.
This from the woman who was so anti-Vietnam that she insulted Lady Bird Johnson at a White House luncheon, resulting in her blacklisting for many years.
There is hope in Hollywood!