Less is Moore

I just caught an interview that Bill Maher conducted with Michael Moore. The sheer audacity of the man left me speechless.
He said (and I paraphrase): there were only a few initial boo-ers at his Oscar speech. According to Moore, it started in the wings of the stage and the upper tiers of the auditorium, then, the general Hollywood personas began booing the booers. He also stated that Bush’s 70% approval rating is due to the fact that the majority of people who pollsters call are working class or poor and thus more likely to have their children fighting in Iraq. Also, according to Moore, the 2002 elections were a referendum on the Democrats’ inability to form a coherent mission statement, not a de facto “good one” for the Right. And, best of all, the only reason he was so “emotional” on stage was that he wanted to get his lame Pope n’ Dixie Chicks line out and was afraid he wouldn’t be able to when the booing started.
I almost feel sorry for the guy. Being that disconnected from reality will, eventually, hurt him. I’m anxiously awaiting his documentary on the hunting habits of central African lions.