A Post In Which I Try My Hand At International Diplomatic Conspiracy Theory

Date of Team America: World Police premiere: October 11, 2004.

Last known sighting of Kim Jung Il: late September, 2004.

Could it be that Parker and Stones’ crude, foul and furious spoof in which a deranged Kim Jung Il is relentlessly mocked was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Write this day down because if I’m right, you know, there’s going to be some serious celebrating at the old homestead. I might even make some popcorn.

Adventures In Instant Messaging Improv

(21:51:29) ZaMoose610: did you see Eternal Spotless Sunshine of the Sunshine Spotless Eternal Mind Spotless?
(21:52:04) Brad : no but I read your review
(21:53:38) ZaMoose610: it were good
(21:53:43) ZaMoose610: you should see it
(21:54:00) ZaMoose610: except it further proves my theory that Jim Carrey is attempting to be the next Robin Williams
(21:54:10) Brad : I will keep my eye open
(21:54:28) ZaMoose610: what happened to your other eye?
(21:54:31) Brad : yeah Carrey is trying some career morph
(21:55:25) ZaMoose610: Wait, I’ve got it
(21:55:58) ZaMoose610: in his next movie he’s going to teach repressed New England prep school boys the meaning of life and how to enjoy it by reciting poetry out of their butts
(21:56:50) Brad : RIGHT! Sounds good write it up ship it out
(21:57:12) ZaMoose610: then he’ll get fired and end up putting on a mask and transforming into Peter Pan and beating Robert Deniro playing a demented mobster who thinks he’s Captain Hook
(21:57:24) ZaMoose610: all of this will actually be a reality show
(21:57:26) Brad : well that makes sense
(21:57:40) ZaMoose610: but Jim Carrey won’t know that he’s actually a disc jockey from Cambodia
(21:57:57) ZaMoose610: and some of this takes place in a movie theater
(21:58:09) Brad : ahh ok this movie is getting good now
(21:58:19) Brad : can he cross dress as an older lady at some point!
(21:58:23) ZaMoose610: hmmmm
(21:58:26) ZaMoose610: maybe
(21:59:06) ZaMoose610: I’m thinking of having him inherit a toy factory from his father who was a clown that brightened the lives of sick coma patients
(21:59:20) Brad : excellent
(21:59:42) ZaMoose610: [Guiness voice]
[/Guiness voice]
(21:59:50) Brad : heh
(22:00:48) ZaMoose610: It’ll be extra funny when Carrey sings "Blame Canada" at the Oscars, because, you know, he’s from Canada
(22:01:02) Brad : riiight
(22:01:10) ZaMoose610: crack and Andy Kaufman need to fit in somewhere too
(22:01:16) ZaMoose610: now I’m all mixed up
(22:01:40) ZaMoose610: maybe we should just put Carrey and Williams in front of a camera and see what ends up happening
(22:02:12) ZaMoose610: I’m totally posting this transcript on my blog
(22:02:18) ZaMoose610: totally, dude
(22:02:30) Brad : HAHAH
(22:02:59) ZaMoose610: I just need to figure out how to get people to pay me to write
(22:03:05) Brad : hmmm
(22:03:08) ZaMoose610: I’ll quit my day job and become the next Dave Barry
(22:03:11) ZaMoose610: only less funny
(22:03:15) ZaMoose610: that’s the hard part
(22:03:16) Brad : sounds like a plan
(22:03:37) Brad : combine mcmanus humor with barry humor and you are on your way
(22:04:01) ZaMoose610: Arp Arp Arp (which would make an excellent name for a band, by the way)
(22:04:04) ZaMoose610: see, I can do it!
(22:04:11) Brad : LOL
(22:04:20) ZaMoose610: I’ve just got to work one-leggers, killer bikes and boogers in somehow

Quick Movie Review

The wife and I had a couple of people over last night and watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I enjoyed it greatly and would highly recommend it to those looking for a quirky movie.

If you’ve seen any of Charlie Kaufman’s previous work (Being John Malkovich, Adaptation) then you know you’re in for a bit of an experience. Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet both turn in good performances, although I thought that Carrey did the better of the two.

All in all, I’d heartily recommend putting Eternal Sunshine on your Blockbuster list/Netflix queue.