Lazy Fortune Cookie Writers…

I’ve been increasingly disappointed in the “fortunes” that have been appearing in my fortune cookies at my weekly “Chinese Tuesday” outtings.
For instance, today’s read:

The will of the people is the best law.

That’s not a fortune, that’s bloody philosophy! If I wanted “Philosophy cookies”, I’d ask for them.


It’s an extremely trippy shooter, sort of Tron-like, in that you are transported inside of a computer system and forced to combat evil programs.
Pretty cool. Got a copy off of eBay, myself.

Speaking of FleaBay… it might be luring the most industrious of writers away to its own fertile fields. Here’s a fine write-up example I tripp’d over recently by ‘gissin’ selling a “Multi-purpose gallus for SLR DSLR Camera”:

FULAT camera grip strap and the skill shoulder strap’s 3 in 1 multi-purpose designs,the elasticity soft nature cotton material manufacture,the ultra strong adsorptive attraction may the skid prevention;may reduce the shoulder and neck’s withstanding measures to conform to the kinesiology,conforms to the man-machine engineering:the cola type design weaves the belt,easy to elongate the reduction,causes you shoulder when the camera the more comfortable next to the shin.

…Might be a grand thing for all I know – could have a fortune hiding in there somewhere…