Lazy Fortune Cookie Writers…

I’ve been increasingly disappointed in the “fortunes” that have been appearing in my fortune cookies at my weekly “Chinese Tuesday” outtings.
For instance, today’s read:

The will of the people is the best law.

That’s not a fortune, that’s bloody philosophy! If I wanted “Philosophy cookies”, I’d ask for them.


  1. You’ll eat your philosophy cookie and like it!
    Wait what is this REZ game?

  2. It’s an extremely trippy shooter, sort of Tron-like, in that you are transported inside of a computer system and forced to combat evil programs.
    Pretty cool. Got a copy off of eBay, myself.

  3. Speaking of FleaBay… it might be luring the most industrious of writers away to its own fertile fields. Here’s a fine write-up example I tripp’d over recently by ‘gissin’ selling a “Multi-purpose gallus for SLR DSLR Camera”:

    FULAT camera grip strap and the skill shoulder strap’s 3 in 1 multi-purpose designs,the elasticity soft nature cotton material manufacture,the ultra strong adsorptive attraction may the skid prevention;may reduce the shoulder and neck’s withstanding measures to conform to the kinesiology,conforms to the man-machine engineering:the cola type design weaves the belt,easy to elongate the reduction,causes you shoulder when the camera the more comfortable next to the shin.

    …Might be a grand thing for all I know – could have a fortune hiding in there somewhere…

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