While We’re On The Subject Of NPR

NPR’s coverage of the tsunami aftermath has been increasingly getting on my nerves. Not only do they seem to be executing a full court press ala FoxNews’ wall-to-wall Peterson coverage, but more and more of their reporting has been extremely sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.
While I appreciate the fact that the Sri Lankan gov’t isn’t exactly composed of the nicest people in the world, I think it’s disgusting for NPR to glorify an organization that is known for its suicide bombings and connections to the PLO. In all of their coverage, NPR’s reporters have cast a dim view on statements by the government, which (rightly) pegs the Tigers as an extremely authoritarian militaristic organization that has little problem with using people as cannon fodder and the tsunami tragedy as an opportunity for political advancement.

2 responses to “While We’re On The Subject Of NPR”

  1. nobrainer Avatar

    I only listen to NPR when: a) it’s the only station I pick up, or b) ‘car talk’ is on.

  2. Doug Avatar

    “Car Talk” has definite merit, I’ll grant you.
    However, my wife has a low tolerance for talk radio (or “Republican Radio”, as she refers to it) and so we often find it better to leave the dial on NPR, at least until she gets out of the car.
    Then, it’s wall-to-wall mouthbreathin’ knuckledraggin’ Neanderthalcons calling down fire and brimstone!