Sometimes You Feel Like An Idiot

…other times, you know you are.
Now, I’m not saying that I know this from personal experience, but let’s just take a hypothetical situation:
Let’s say that you just saw Shaun of the Dead and really enjoyed it, particularly the scene that took place in The Winchester where the castmembers beat the tar out of the zombified barkeep to the strains of a Queen song. Let’s say that you then spent the next couple of months looking for that particular song, convinced that it was called “Mr. Fahrenheit”. Let’s also posit that you were never intelligent enough to search based on lyrics instead of song title, thus preventing you from figuring out that, while “Mr. Fahrenheit” does indeed occur in the lyrics of the song in question, it is in fact called “Don’t Stop Me Now” and it resides on your wife’s best-of Queen two disc set.
Given all that, then I do believe the sound of you slapping your forehead in personal disgust and frustration may well have been audible as far away as Cleveland.


to add to this, let’s say that you assume your best bud knows what he is talking about when he asks you to search for said song and thus are lost looking for it on all sources of the web…..I’m not saying that I did that but let’s just say I did. D’OH!

A properly implemented google search for lyrics almost immediate results.
Of course, I still haven’t found the song from South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut where Kenny is rejected by Heaven and sent to Hell.