Sick And Wrong

I really wish they’d stop trying, but Philly fans gave yet another reason to hate them this morning.
On my way in to work this morning, I flipped the radio to Y-100 to hear them plugging a contest they’re running this week – “Kiss Your Sister for Birds’ Tickets”. In order to win tickets to the upcoming NFC Championship game, four brother/sister pairs (verifiably blood-related; they claim they’ll check photo IDs and birth certificates – no half brothers, no step siblings, etc.) will participate in a make-out session and whichever pair is judged to be the best wins tickets to the game.
They took their initial round of callers and took the 13th caller, a young woman named Jessica who seemed excited at the chance to participate in the contest. This suggests several rather uncomfortable facts:

  1. At least 12 people were even more willing and fleet-fingered than Jessica.
  2. There’s a sizable population in this area that thinks this is a good idea, because, hey, “It’s Birds’ tickets”.
  3. Ugh. Just, yech, I mean, wow.
  4. Okay, that wasn’t a fact, more of an observation.
  5. Philly, as a city and as a sports town, is all too ready to confirm the negative images and stereotypes about themselves, because, you know, they’d be willing to kiss their friggin’ sisters to win tickets to an Eagles’ game.

Gah. I can’t move away from here fast enough.

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