This Is Going To Take Some Serious Getting-Used-To

Brett Favre. Viking.
It’s as though Darth Vader showed up at the rebel base on Yavin IV and said “Hey guys, can I fight for you?”
Methinks the rebels would be within their rights to say “Hey, Vade, thanks for the offer, but can you give us a minute to wrangle with the philosophical implications of this?”
Seriously, as a lifelong Vikings fan, it’s going to be weird watching the man responsible for ending not only games but seasons for the Vikes, always at the very last minute, dressed in purple and handing the football to Peterson. It could be Vikes up by 10 with 1:25 to go, Green Bay ball, and you’d just know that Favre was going to lead the Packers down for a TD in 0:35 or so, convert the 2 points and then they’d get the onside kick. Every time. Gah.
So it’s with mixed emotions that I welcome Favader to the Vikes.

Oh, Bravo, EA, Bra-vo!

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, right? So if life hands you glitches, you make… glitchade?

Sacriliciousness aside, that there’s some good humor. Well-played, EA Sports, well-played.

This Is What I’m On About

I’ve been boycotting the Beijing Olympics because, well, the whole thing’s a giant sham meant to legitimize a horrendous, totalitarian regime. Seems like ESPN’s Rick Reilly agrees with me. I’d offer a blockquote from the story, except it’s one giant image, so let this pullquote from the beginning suffice, then head over and read the whole thing:

Professional Baseball Does Funny Things To One’s Head

Or, at least, it certainly did funny things to Mark Littell’s head (see: NuttyBuddy).
For reference’s sake:

Yes indeedy, ’cause taking a fastball to the groin is a sane, rational thing to do. The above-linked PopSci article claims the genius is even going to go so far as to fire a bullet into a NuttyBuddy while he’s wearing one. These are not the actions of a man in full possession of his senses.

Schadenfreude: Can You Dig It?

Heh. Cap’n Cutoff and his merry band of overachieving “unstoppables” finally met their match.
The sweetness of two separate Mannings ending two consecutive seasons for the Pats is also delicious, n’est pas?
‘Gratz to the Giants on the biggest upset in Super Bowl history.

2007 Fantasy Football Results, Week 4

Rand-y! Rand-y!
League: Fulford’s Heroes
Hiphopopotamuses defeated Killer Sheep, 149.55 to 77.40.
Rhymenocerouses defeated Bruschi Bunch, 104.75 to 82.37.
Randy Moss came up huge in both leagues for me this week, sweeping me to victory. Had I had the foresight to start Patrick Crayton (picked up off the waivers in both as well), I would have smoked both teams by even greater margins.
I am now first in the power rankings in Fulford’s Heroes although I am in 4th place with a 2-2 record, while I am second in the RSGFFCL power rankings with a 4-0 record. I’m hoping for another big weekend out of T.O., Moss and Romo to keep both Jemaine and Bret on their respective rolls.