Gerard Van Der Leun: Locked And Loaded

Don’t mention any of these 21 things, lest Van der Leun go on a “small shooting spree”.
Here’s a small sampling to get you started:

1) Barbara Boxer shorts. No more soundbites out of this doughnut. Preaching to the Damned, hoping to be Hillary. Let Satan take her… and her little dog John too.
2) Abu Gharib gotchas. We really, really need some fresh atrocities, folks. Wake me when Americans start attaching explosives to people’s chests and setting them off.
3) “There’s no mandate for George Bush.” Yes. There. Is. Now. Shut. Up.
4) JibJab. Once was funny. The second sponsored-round is just puerile.
5) Careerist Feminists who can’t stand a whiff of criticism without an attack of “I had to leave the room” hysteria. I thought we were supposed to be beyond the era of girlish feelings getting hurt, but I guess not.