It’s Really Coming Down Out There

Looks like the snow is piling up to about 8 inches or so in places.
Just thought all of you stuck in South Carolina might like to know that.


Hey I am at work, I would much rather be in front of a TV or monitor playing some games buddy!!

What’s that? I can’t hear you, the snow is muffling you!
Well, I may as well be in the office, as I and the wife are in our home office making use of the downtime to file receipts, back taxes, etc.

As of last night, the forecast for charlottesville was about 6 inches of snow and sleet. I’d say we’ve gotten 1-2 inches of snow and nothing else. I guess I should have gone in to the lab and gotten some work done. Oh well.

And at least you get to watch both football games, I am watching the net coverage of the Falcons/Eagles game right now and it looks like a pretty good game……I hope to see the Eagles vs the Pats in the bowl but it will probably not happen.