Am I A One-Issue Voter?

To answer my own question: not quite, but I’m close.
I am adamantly pro-life and proudly so – it heavily colors my views on contemporary politics, yet I still cling to a few other issues, chiefly tax policy, judicial restraint/strict constructionism and support for a strong military. I don’t see many opportunities to have my views represented at the federal level outside of the Republican party these days, but if Joe Lieberman decided to come out as a strong pro-life advocate tomorrow, I’d be behind him in a second.
Rob over at Say Anything commented last week regarding the 32nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade and I don’t think I could have encapsulated my own feelings on the issue any better, so I’ll simply quote him:

First, for the sake of clarity, let me define my position for you. I believe that life begins when the female’s egg is fertilized by the man’s sperm, it attaches itself in the womb and begins gestation. At that point, as far as I’m concerned, a life has been created which should be credited with full rights equal to those of the mother.
I have never understood the reasoning pro-abortion advocates have used to excuse the actions of abortionists and abortion seekers. They talk about a “woman’s right to choose,” but what gives her that right? What makes a woman’s choice more important than the life that has been created within her? Its often thrown out that abortion is a “woman’s health” issue, and if I could believe that the majority of these abortions (approximately 43 million since Roe vs. Wade) actually had something to do with the pregnancy negatively impacting the woman’s health I might feel differently. But in today’s world of advanced medical technology having a baby is an in-and-out procedure. Rarely do women remain in the hospital for more than a day.
So lets be honest, these abortions are being performed (in the vast majority of cases) as a de-facto form of emergency contraception. These women are terminating their pregnancies not because they can’t care for the child or because the child might cause the woman health complications but because they don’t want the responsibility of raising the child. Maybe this isn’t true in every instance, but out of 43 or so million abortions I’m willing to guess its the dominant reason.
And how on earth can that be ok? How can we tell these women that its ok to end the life of a child they, through their own choices, created with a man for the express purpose of riding them of the responsibility of raising it?
Its something I’m afraid I’ll never understand.

Amen to that.

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