A Note To All Women

Do not, I repeat, do not follow any of the advice laid out here. You’re far more likely to tick your man off than to ingratiate yourself by pursuing any of those “tips”.
The best advice is: laugh at the commercials and do not even think about talking about the players’ butts. Nothing ruins a good game quicker.

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5 is freaking hilarious!
5. Beer Blitz. Have the kids on clean up patrol all day
long. Give them trash bags and let them know that every
empty can they collect is money in their pocket. You’ll take
them down to the ‘Recycle Center’ and turn the cans into
cold hard cash. You might even match the money and then take
them to a special spot so they can spend it!
Cans are worth about a penny each, and I’m not sure that bottles are worth anything at all. Let your kids clean up after you and your drunken buddies and beer sluts for a whopping 4 bits!
That author is truly an idiot, and is likely a very single author.