The Incredible Beauty Of God’s Creation

I’m constantly amazed at the majesty and splendor evident in creation, particularly when it comes to the pictures that various space organizations capture. This true-color image of Saturn’s northern hemisphere captured by the Cassini probe is a stunning example of that beauty.
I often wonder whether, when we die, God will give us a chance to explore the universe and wonder anew at His creation. Will we even care once we get to Heaven? Since we are made in God’s image and we both hunger to know and to be known, I almost am tempted to believe that, yes, we’ll get a chance to see all of His creation up close – to explore the “surfaces” of Jupiter and Saturn, if they even exist, to watch stars being born and dying out, to get a chance to see nebulae up close.
One can hope.

2 Replies to “The Incredible Beauty Of God’s Creation”

  1. Yeah, I have wondered that as well and have thought that if we are given the chance that it is what Diana is doing now. She always was interested in outer space, she was even reading Steven Hawking in Middle School after I suggested it to her. Anyways I am sure she is taking full advantage…and I am jealous 😛

  2. I get a bit nostalgic/teary when I think about Diana’s memorial service. It must be so much harder for you, but it was really moving to see how many people were touched by her in her all-too-short tenure here on Earth. She truly was an amazing person.
    Now, you and Lauren better get busy creating the next gen Rochfords, y’hear? Wethern’s got too much of a head start on us both so it’ll take at least three years or so before our kids can beat up Max. *grin*

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