I Always Wondered What Happened To The Ultimate Warrior…

It would seem as if I have been validated in being a dedicated Hulkamaniac back in the ’80’s, as the Ultimate Warrior has apparently become something of an overly-sensitive, litigious nutcase outspoken pundit.
Methinks he may have been doing so many steroids that his lawyers somehow came down with a bit of ‘Roid Rage.

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  1. You are all [lovely little duckies walking in the park] stupid. Look at the two [fine-looking] loser drunks who get fired and re-hired all the time,Kevin Nash and the Razor Ramone. There isn’t a [happy puppies and sing-songy fun fun time] Wrestler who doesn’t do steroids and you know it! So shut up you tools. The ultimate warrior got [rolled in cornbread stuffing and fried to an attractive crisp]; nuff said. He like Bruno is another of McMahon’s hated wrestlers.

  2. That’s some lovely language there, Nebadon. So lovely, in fact, and so against the general spirit of the site, that I decided to translate it a bit. I think it’s by far improved by the changes.
    Not quite sure what you’re on about, though. The Warrior seems to have lost it a bit is all I’m saying. Didn’t even mention McMahon.

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