NPR Is Going To LOVE The New Pope

[/sarcasm off] I’m actually a bit shocked that the College of Cardinals selected Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany (Pope Benedict XVI, from now on) so quickly. I think it bodes well for the future of the Catholic church, though, that they were able to build a consensus in short order.
I’m in for a fun few days of commutes, though, if past NPR behavior is an accurate indicator. The levels of condescension reached by their religious commentators and the nigh-spiteful way in which their newsreaders uttered “secret conclave” (complete with a near-sibilant “S”) would suggest that “arch conservative” Benedict is in for some harsh news treatment on America’s liberal Radio Station of Record.
All that aside, I’m heartened by the choice. My prayers are with our Catholic brothers and sisters and with the new Pope. May he lead the Catholic Church in a Godly and Spirit-led fashion.

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  1. I just like his nickname and can’t wait to see the new FUBU Pope line:
    The Rottweiler of the Vatican

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