Huff N’ Puff

The Huffington Post has been active all of two days and already people of all stripes are tearing it a new one. (Internal spats are also turning up in spades) Jeff Harrell is the most recent to join the crowd, tearing Jane Blades’ idiotic piece a whole new one:

She quotes author Michael Nagler’s book Is There No Other Way? The Search for a Nonviolent Future, citing a passage which, if it wasn’t taken out of context, just has to be satire. The quote is:

When the Intifada got underway, the youth of the occupied territories stopped taking drugs. Drugs and alcohol abuse, until then a serious problem, virtually disappeared.

To which Joan simply adds, “Makes me think about the possibilities.”
Yeah, Joan. It makes me think about the possibilities, too. It makes me think about how things like getting high on the weekends cease to become a priority when you’ve got an AK-47 in your hands and a Semtex belt strapped around your waist. And then it makes me think about what kind of twisted, fundamentally broken moral system could possibly lead a person to turn away from the church and look toward murdering terror gangs as a source of values.
The only good thing about Joan’s post-thingy is that she doesn’t take the obvious last step. She doesn’t actually call for our high-school kids to blow themselves up in pizza parlors. She stops just short of actually calling for acts of terrorism to be carried out against the evil red-staters. Credit where it’s due: I applaud Joan for displaying the tiny iota of restraint she has left.
But as for the rest … eas in crucem, Joan. Some people just shouldn’t blog.