Further Sith Reviews And Commentaries

There has been a huge number of blogospheric reviews of Revenge of the Sith written since the film’s release, many of which were straight-forward reviews. Some, however, have stood out from the pack:
Citizen Smash reports that RotS made him laugh, and not in a good way; Orson Scott Card called it as good as Lord of the Rings, except for the writing; Amygdalagf has posted extensive analysis of the portions of the RotS script that ended up on the cutting room floor (looks like there was the makings of a good movie in those cut bits!); Pejman Yousefzadeh makes the case for an Aristotilian reading of the Star Wars saga; Douglas Kern contemplates the place of Mercy in the Star Wars universe (and, as a bonus, in the realm of Middle Earth as well!); Jeff Harrell calls it really, really good; Cap’n Ed liked it and makes the claim that it almost makes going back and watching Episodes I and II again worth it.
I’ve only one thing to add: if Lucas is indeed planning on going through with a live-action Star Wars TV show, he could do far worse than bringing Orson Scott Card on as a script adviser.


  1. I pretty much just think it’s funny that the anagram for it spells “rots.”
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO have the emotional maturity of a 6th grade boy.

  2. Thanks kindly for the link and comments. But, for the record, the name of my blog isn’t “Amygdalagf,” which isn’t a word in English, unlike the name of my blog, “Amygdala.” (If you’re unclear what the amygdala is, check the “our mission” etc. links on my sidebar.) Thanks again, though.

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