I’m A Clumsy Fool; Apple Makes Superior Products

Those two statements, while not necessarily related on a daily basis certainly became closely intertwined this afternoon, for you see, I dropped my Powerbook not once but twice from a height of at least three feet. The first incident ocurred when I was pulling it out of its bag in order to use it in a demo, the second when I tripped over the Ethernet cable that was attached to it.
Thus far, I’ve seen no ill effects from the droppage. It’s still purring along, although I torqued the heck out of the power dongle (huhhuhuhuh, yeah, yeah! Shut up, Beavis!) such that it won’t fully engage, meaning I’m going to have to be very careful in the future to make sure that it’s actually getting power.
Apple’s done a marvelous job on their laptops. Now if they could only get around to Doug-proofing, oh, I don’t know, the rest of existence, then we’d have something…
UPDATE: I may have spoken too soon. I apparently partially bent the case directly above the PCMCIA slot.
I always hate putting the first scratch in something, whether it be a new notebook, a new car, or a new pair of sunglasses. As long as they still work, though, right?

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