Michael Yon – Riveting Accounts From The Front Line In Iraq

If you haven’t yet heard of Michael Yon, I’d highly recommend that you head over to his blog (he refers to it as an “Online Magazine”) for some of the best “embed” reporting I’ve seen. Michael is an author who is not associated with any particular press organization and is in Iraq of his own volition, filing lengthy and moving stories accompanied by photographs that he manages to snap along the way. You’ve probably seen his picture of a US soldier clutching a small Iraqi girl to his chest in an effort to console her after a bomb blast in Mosul. Here’s his account of the events of that day as well as an additional shot of the US major and Iraqi girl.
Today’s entry, entitled The Devil’s Foyer, recounts the discovery and destruction of a massive hoarde of explosives, mortars and IEDs the insurgents were hiding.
Now why can’t the rest of the press put together these kinds of stories? In any event, you’d be well-served to go through Michael’s archives and catch up on all his reporting. It’s really good stuff.

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