You Know What’s Funny? Killing People That Don’t Agree With you.

…Well, at least if you’re from Planned Parenthood. Then, it’s perfectly fine to craft a cartoon depicting drowning, suffocating, blowing up and decapitating people who disagree with your position in re: killing unborn children.
What does it say that I’m no longer surprised by this sort of crap spewing from the Left? I thought that NARAL’s recent Screw Abstinence party would surely mark a low point for idiotic propaganda and contemptible rhetoric from the have-sex-and-kill-babies-at-any-cost crowd, but I guess I was wrong.
But by all means, Planned Parenthood, continue spewing crass rhetoric! After all, once rabid pro-abortionists can no longer make animated vignettes portraying the slaughter of ideological opponents simply so that kids can have sex “without” consequences, well then, I guess the terrorists will have won, or something, right?

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