Whither The Grosse Pointe Blank Analog?

While we’re on the subject of music and musicians, Grosse Pointe Blank has to be one of my favorite movies of recent years and a large deal of credit for that status has to go to the soundtrack. It perfectly captured the not-quite-mainstream musical vibe popular with, well, the unpopular kids in school, to be perfectly frank. Okay, Guns n’ Roses were ridiculously popular, but The Clash, The Specials and The Violent Femmes all occupied a particular place in the heart of many young Children of the 80’s who knew that pop music was crap and hair bands simply a fad.
So here’s my question: where’s the Grosse Pointe Blank analog for the 90’s? What movie has captured the musical soul of the not-quite-mainstream of that decade? Does it exist yet? Is it even possible to capture that essence, given the rise of a multitude of other pop-ish genres during that time (grunge, gangsta rap, techno/electronica, ska, swing revival, etc.)?
If it doesn’t exist, what songs and bands would you feature in it? What captures the zeitgeist, in your opinion?
I’ve got a few floating about in my brain, but I think I’ll save them for tomorrow.