From The “Way Too Much Time On Their Hands” File

Betcha Vinny’d get a kick out of this one: Espresso Porn – for those who really like seeing their shots of concentrated coffee, errrm, naked, I guess…
(Via Blackfive.)


It was very kind of ZaMoose to think of me. So I’ve certainly been drinking some beer this week. Fortunately, i’m holding the 184-185 mark just fine. It’s almost like having my cake and eating it too. Oh and if it came right down to it, i’d choose beer over dessert. No, i’m not crazy. So I

Heh, oh man, now I gotta go clean up.
Actually, i’ve seen that before b/c I read coffeegeek. I think it’s time to admit to chekov that in her absense, I’ve been watching coffee…