Fun With Search Phrases

Any website owner/operator could probably hold forth for quite a while solely on the subject of odd search phrases that lead people to their sites. I, for instance, have seen searches for “Thumb+Of+The+Punisher”, “incent d’onofrio” and “what religion is eartha kitt?” in the past week show up in my server logs. Iowahawk has gotten quite a few odd hits himself, apparently, but unlike others out there, he’s decided to make lemonade out of lemons by turning his search hits into free verse poetry: From Bad to Verse. A sample:

mystery machine van:
Marciel Basanta Lopez,
sonny barger and hunter s. thompson,
tommy ivo + disney,
snoop dog and girl gone wild
cinnamon rolls truck stop recipes wisconsin

Heh. Read the whole thing.
BONUS IOWAHAWK LINK: Iowahawk presents: How To Blog Good, an invaluable guide for all you aspiring bloggers out there.

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