Competition, Big 10 Style

You’ve got to hand it to the Iowa Hawkeyes – they sure know how to make a visiting team feel wanted. What better way to reaffirm the perceived masculinity of a visiting football squad than painting the visiting locker room pink?

The sole refuge is two waist-level drinking fountains, cold and silver, floating like pinballs on the head of a strawberry shake. Aside from that, the new visitors’ locker room at Kinnick Stadium is Barbie’s Dream House on acid, a pastel nightmare. You feel naked without a little dog in one arm and a handbag in the other.
Pink walls. Pink stalls. Pink seats. Pink ceiling. Pink carpet. Pink urinals.
Pink urinals?
“It’s called ‘Dusty Rose,’ ” corrected associate athletic director Jane Meyer, head conductor of Saturday morning’s media tour. “That’s actually a standard color (offered) by (the) Kohler (company).”

Now that’s some Olde Tyme NCAA competitive spirit, I tell you whut.

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