Never Mess With A Dead Man’s Widow

Juan Cole, Middle Eastern Studies professor extraordinare is an ever-cheerful [Sarcasm! -ed.] voice on the US’s progress in Iraq, faithfully tallying the body counts and finding the cloud in every silver lining, at least when it comes to our mission “over there”. However, Prof. Cole recently made the mistake of calling Steve Vincent’s character into account very shortly after Mr. Vincent’s death in Iraq.
Apparently Vincent’s widow took a while before discovering the Good Professor’s slander (understandable, given her situation). Her response is incredible. She starts out thusly:

Mr. Cole –
(I refuse to call you professor, because that would ennoble you. And please change the name of your blog to “Uninformed Comment”, because that is precisely what the above paragraph is.)
I would like to refute this shameful post against a dead man who can no longer defend himself against your scurrilous accusations, a dead man who also happened to be my husband. Steven Vincent and I were together for 23 years, married for 13 of them, and I think I know him a wee bit better than you do.

Ouch. Read the whole thing.