(Legitimate) Free Stuff On The Internet[s]

That’s it. It’s time for a “Browser Brain Dump,” folks. I’ve had a huge number of tabs sitting open in my browser as of late, with all sorts of information ephemera taking up valuable virtual memory. Thus, in the interest of personal sanity, I am setting forth here a collection of links to various and sundry information products that people, for varying reasons and to varying degrees, have made available for free to users of the Intarweb. What follows are those links, grouped roughly by their respective mediums.

  1. Accelerando by Charles Stross. SciFi in the vein of Gibson, Stephenson, Asimov, et. al.
  2. Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi. I’ve mentioned it before, but it deserves another plug. Good, light, humorous SciFi.
  3. Eugenics and Other Evils by G.K. Chesterton. Heavy duty apologetics endorsing a “Culture of Life”.

Geeky Music

  1. NESkimos: Live versions of Nintendo themes.
  2. Optimus Rhyme: Nerdcore artists extraordinare.
  3. Video Game Pianist: Pretty much self-explanatory.
  4. The Minibosses: Rockin’ out in the key of N-E-S.
  5. Y2Khai: One Loc’d out Asian nerdcore rapper.
  6. OC Remix: Remixes of video game music. I’ve mentioned it before, but it just keeps getting bigger and better all the time.

For more info on Nerdcore, check out this Wired article. For more info on the Minibosses, see the NPR article Rocking in the Key of Nintendo.

  1. CodeRED: Quake Deathmatch meets Mars Attacks!.
  2. Nexuiz: GPL’d Deathmatch++.
  3. Mud Magic: For those of us who remember the original MORPGs.
  4. DOSGAMES: All your childhood PC favorites.
  5. The Underdogs: Fill up on abandonware to your heart’s content.
  6. Abandonia: Even more abandoned games.
  7. The Ur-Quan Masters: Open Source rebuild of Star Control 2.
  8. TripleA: Open Source Axis & Allies.

Those DOS games won’t run on Win2000/XP, so remember to grab DOSEMU or DOSBox to be able to play them.

  1. A large list of Windows freeware. Via Jake Jarvis.
  2. Firefox: King of the Web, Browser Supreme, bar none.
  3. DistroWatch: keep tabs on the latest n’ greatest in the Linux and *BSD scenes.

That about clears up my browser “free as in beer” tab spamfest. If you have other suggestions for free stuff that you think I should include in the list, just drop it in the comments.

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