Shaolin Vs. Pirates – The Ultimate Showdown

“Stoked” doesn’t even begin to describe my current state of mind, having just read this:

From the Matrix and Kill Bill to Kung Fu Hustle and House of Flying Daggers, the Shaolin monks have had to watch passively as their trademark martial arts have made millions for film studios in Hollywood and Hong Kong.

But now the monks are striking back with a series of big budget fight films that will, in true kung fu style, pit their rivals’ strength against them by recruiting top international actors and directors.

Abbot Shi Yongxin will serve as executive producer for the first of three features, entitled The Legend of the Monk Warriors of Shaolin Temple, based on a true story of 30 warrior monks who fought 16th-century pirates. Filming will start next year.

[Emphasis mine]

It’s not Ninjas vs. Pirates, of course, but it’ll have to do.