Working Hard, Or Hardly Working? A-Hyuk!

I threw my back out sometime late yesterday and thus called in “sick” today. However, my boss allowed me to work from home in lieu of charging Personal Illness, so I’ve been VPN’d in to work all day. I’ve been handling old service tickets and even putting some work into ongoing projects that don’t require direct physical access to the servers themselves.
It’s weird. Every time I work from home, I feel like I get tons done. One would suspect that the active distractions offered by a wife and 7-week-old son would make one less productive, instead of more. Maybe it’s the lack of phone calls I have to field, maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have coworkers to chat with, or maybe it’s because the Powerbook is less powerful than my Linux rig at work and so it’s not possible to do as many things at once.
Maybe I should take telecommuting days more often – it might really give my productivity a boost…