The Final Word On The Cheney Kerfuffle

This whole “scandal” is the result of an endlessly self-obsessed Washington press corps that feels slighted for having a local paper (can you imagine that? Those Corpus Christi inbreds probably think they’re better than us! Can’t have a bunch of sister-marrying yokels scoop us. To the ramparts!) get the story first and now they’re whining like the bunch of spoiled children that they are. They demand that, in lieu of actual reporting, the Administration feed them their stories, lest they wrinkle their precious three piece suits actually doing some field research and/or shooting on location instead of in front of the White House (Dick Gregory, I’m looking in your direction). Their reactions to Cheney’s interview with Brit Hume on Fox News (I mean, gag me. How propagandistic can you get? Ruper Murdoch was probably in the room feeding Hume the questions himself. It’ll be a cold day in Lubbock before I let Faux News get a scoop on me! To the ramparts!) just go to prove my suspicions.
One of these days, someone in the press or the Democratic Party have to figure out that this crap just doesn’t work, don’t they? Or are they so self-obsessed and assured of their own mental superiority that they are destined to continue losing mind and marketshare? Only time will tell, I guess.